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Local Business SEO

Local Business SEO - What You should know

As a business owner, you probably have more on your mind than SEO. However - if you want to get business from the web - and today, it's often the case that the lions share of our business comes via the web - it' important that you have, at least a high level understanding of what SEO is and how it can effect your business.

Search engine optimisation exists in many forms. There's black hat - which is "outlawed by Google" - and will probably get your site de-indexed and banished to the deep dark parts of the web, where no-one will ever ind it. There's white hat - which is the type that is approved by google. This includes things like on-page optimisation, use of video, image optimisation and white hat link building.

I've mentioned link building or authority  links before in the blog post about optimisation for growth. Read more on that post.

The reason that you would want to build white hat links to your site is because the more relevant links from other sites to your blog post - means to Google that your site is a respeced authority. Just think about it... Who would link to rubbish content.

So to get authority links - you need to have linkable content. That means that you have to provide content that is high quality, informative and helpful to others.

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Local Business SEO

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Local Business SEO is often very poor in quality.

Often there s little or no done to small or local business websites - because the owners maybe feel that it is un-necessary - or it's an expensive luxury.

But getting found on the Google search engine is the number one source of new business leads for most small businesses. Youtube is the second largest search engine - and you should also consider getting found on it too.

Local Business SEO is a competitive business. It's a constant cat and mouse game to stay in the page 1 rankings. However, it is easier to rak on a local basis than on a national basis. For local business seo, you can generally get by with some top level pages for your main keywords or terms. Then have three or four supporting pages for each of the main keywords. These supporting pages can be as simple as a 500 word blog post that is also optimised for what is known as long tail keywords.

The video above is an example of an audit that I recently did for a local business. Their business wasn't appearing in the search results i the first three pages. If you want to be found - you need to be on page 1. A few years ago - it didn't take much to get on page 1. A few short 200 word blog posts - stuffed with the keywords. Not surprisingly - those days are gone.

The minimum amount of content now - is to have multiple supporting articles - at 500 words and more. And video helps too - both embeded video and linked video. Social profiles and purposeful activity on them has a positive effect.


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Adrian McGivern is a certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant and Certified Digital Marketing consultant. An SEO and Facebook Advertising specialist - to bring new leads and help convert them to sales. Adrian is a specialist in helping small to medium businesses to get more customers using online and offline marketing. He has over 20 years experience running small businesses. He has written two books on small business marketing and sales. He holds an engineering degree and an MBA. Adrian is a husband of one and father of two. He is said to be very good at his job and loves what he does.