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Marketing Consultant in Belfast

Marketing Consultant in Belfast

Are you in need of a Marketing consultant in Belfast? You're in the right place!

Marketing Consultant in Belfast

I'm Adrian McGivern. I've owned and operated small businesses for over 20 years. I'm a certified member of the Duct Tape Marketing Network of Consultants. There's currently 125 of us worldwide. I work with small business owners in Ireland and the UK to help them develop and implement profitable marketing.

Sounds a bit grand? not So.

Everything that we do is simple to understand and use, low cost and repeatable - and gets profitable results. You can't afford to throw money away in the hope that it will bring in more business. Everything we do starts with developing a marketing strategy. We don't go running after every shiny new marketing tactic. In fact, much of what some people believe to be old fashioned, still works really well today.

Marketing consultant in Belfast

I'm a marketing consultant in Belfast - but I work with businesses all over the country - and in fact - all over the world.

Ad well as being a consultant in the Duct Tape Marketing Network, I'm also a certified Digital marketer - specialising in Facebook advertising, Search engine optmisation and Direct Response Website development (websites that generate leads and customers). I also have an MBA - but that's not there to impress - jus prove that I'm serious!

Don't have a website - or have one but you're not proud of it? Don't worry about it. From experience, there are still about 50% of small businesses don't have a website, and many of those who do - their sites are long past their "sell-by date".

But we're not only abut all things digital. We still believe and practice the art of print advertising, sales letters and exhibitions - where appropriate. Sometimes the old ways are still the best.

I don't believe that you should follow the latest trend or fashion in marketing - just because everyone else is. Do what works and what is profitable.

Essentially what I do is sell money at a discount. For every Pound, Euro or Dollar that you give me for marketing - I want to be giving you 3, 4, 5 or 20 back in return. The multiple that is returned - your ROI - obviously depends on the type of product or service that you offer and your margins.

Before I begin working with someone - I need to be sure that there is profit in it for them. If it's profitable - the relationship is usually longer term.

Anyway - interested in having a chat?

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About the Author amcgivern

Adrian McGivern is a certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant and Certified Digital Marketing consultant. An SEO and Facebook Advertising specialist - to bring new leads and help convert them to sales. Adrian is a specialist in helping small to medium businesses to get more customers using online and offline marketing. He has over 20 years experience running small businesses. He has written two books on small business marketing and sales. He holds an engineering degree and an MBA. Adrian is a husband of one and father of two. He is said to be very good at his job and loves what he does.