Newspaper ads versus FB ads – whats better?

Old fashioned advertising, just updated!

Lots of business owners don't like the idea of online advertising - for various reasons...

The first reason being is that many people don't understand how advertising on the internet works. 
Yes - you probably know a bit about searching for a product or service on Google. But most don't know the difference is organic search, paid search and display adverts. 

Fewer people know about FaceBook advertising - or how it works. It's a different animal from Google altogether. You can think of Facebook advertising as kinda like newspaper advertising of old...

Newspaper ads versus Facebook advertising

Think for a minute about newspaper advertising. If you're a business owner, you'd have put your ad in the local paper, maybe in the local services or classified's section. 
You would hope that enough people would see your advert and that someone seeing the ad, would need your service and call you.

Note that most people didn't go looking for the newspaper to find your ad. the were reading the paper and happened across your ad.

FaceBook advertising is the same. People don't go to FaceBook looking to buy a product or service. If your ad is placed in their news-feed, at a time when they are thinking about "that service", then there is a very high likelihood that they will click on your ad and engage with you.

this might seem pretty simple, but i't a bit more complicated than that. See, with Facebook ads, we can put your advert in front of people who are likely (according to their online actions, conversations and behaviours) to want your services or product.

You could think of it like placing an ad for your gym in a fitness magazine, that's being given out for free to people who are attending a health and fitness seminar. That's how good the targeting can be...

However, there is a catch. You've got to be able to place the right ad, in the right magazine, at the right seminar... that's not just so easy!

But luckily for you - that's what we're good at!
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