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Are You Looking for New Customers in Newry?

Are you a business owner looking for new customers in Newry, Down, Armagh or surrounding areas?

If you’ve got a business operating locally in the¬†Newry Area (or outside the city to a 40¬†mile radius)… If you’re looking for new customers in Newry or outside, we should probably have a chat. I’m a Marketing Consultant in Newry and a member of the Duct Tape Marketing Network

We help local businesses to get more customers, quickly and easily.

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How? We help you get more leads and customers for you using online marketing (from the web!).

It doesn’t matter if you have a website, or a Facebook page or anything else techie. Many of our customers don’t have websites and we can still get them customers.

Maybe you get customers from the web already. Or maybe you don’t. Either way, we can help.

get more customers in belfast

You Don’t Need Any New Skills or Knowledge

We do it all for you, so you can stay focused on running your business and making more money. As your marketing consultant in Newry – we can do as much or as little as you need.

Do you provide a product or services? It doesn’t matter. As long as you’ve got customer in the past – you’ve got a proven business!

We look after all the technical stuff for you. You just take the orders and make the customers happy. Easy as that.

What type of businesses can we help?

Almost all types. It doesn’t matter if you work from home and operate alone, or if you have a factory in a business park, with 150 staff. We can help.

If you need to sell a product or a service, we can help you with that. If you are looking for new customers in Newry or the surrounding areas, we should talk.

Our existing clients include:

Kitchen manufacturers,

Glazing business,

Several gyms,

Grass cutting/lawn care,

Fencing contractor,

Floor and wall tiler,

Security company,


Beauticians/Day Spas

Wooden Floors

Tool hire,

Cleaning business,

Power washing,

Flat roofing company,

Maths tutor,

Garden Shed Business


Lots more. If your business falls into any of the above – and even if they don’t, we’d love to have a chat with you.

Remember, we can help anyone who is looking for new customer in Newry and the surrounding areas.

We’re Your Marketing Consultant in Newry – What exactly do we do?

As your small business marketing consultant in Newry, we can help with online and offline marketing for small and medium sized businesses. No, we’re not gonna tell you to tweet 30 times a day or any rubbish like that. We do digital marketing that GETS YOU RESULTS Quickly and efficiently.We can teach you what to do or we can do the web marketing for you. We’ll generate the leads for your business. We do the stuff on the web to make your phone ring or your door swing!

The type of stuff we do includes Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising and Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimisation, Lead Generation Websites.

Everything we do is designed to make you more money. We don’t do the fluffy brand-type stuff that you hear all the time from the social-media “experts”. Just try taking Facebook likes to the bank and you’ll see how important they are then! I’d love to know how many of those same experts have every actually run a real business before… anyway…

Seriously, I’ve owned and operated real-world businesses for over 20 years. I know exactly the type of struggles that you go through every day to bring in enough customers and cash to balance the books. I’ve gotten really, really good at marketing and I’ve built this business around those skills so that I can help more businesses like yours.

Free Chat – No Sales Pressure

Here’s the deal. If we get together on the phone – it’s only for a 10-15 minute chat about your business. You can me any questions you like. I’m happy to tell you about what we do and how we could help you – if we could hep you.

That’s the thing – we can’t help everyone. There are a small number of business types that we just can’t help and a few that we choose not to work with. Unfortunately, we can not help those in MLN or Network Marketing businesses – I’m sorry, but we can’t.
Also, we choose not to work with any businesses offering payday loans or high interest finance lending.

There will be no pressure placed on you to work with us. No high pressure tactics used, because we don’t like that, and we’re nice people to do business with.
Our customers are our partners in a mutually beneficial business relationship.

We’re the kinda people that you’ll want to answer the phone to – not dread.

So, If You’re Looking for New Customers In Newry

As a Marketing Consultant in Newry – we can help you Get More Enquiries and Customers

Go Ahead. Fill out the form below and we’ll make an appointment that suits you for a chat on the phone.

Thanks for reading. Kind Regards

Adrian McGivern

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