SEO for Growth

SEO for Growth. Search Engine Optimisation that works

SEO is often seen as a “Black Art”. In fact, it’s not an art at all. Its a Science. Google is the biggest search engine by far and it’s an algorithm that sifts and sorts through all the websites and info on the web to provide you with the most relevant, authoritative content. The algorithm is a mathematical calculation that measures the placement and number of certain words and phrases in your content, as well as your location (and lots of other data), against the searchers search term and location.

It is able to determine the most relevant results from millions or related items. It can also determine the geographic relevance – so that it only returns results that are in close proximity to the searcher for service type or local businesses. It can distinguish between a service and a product or person. It’s really amazing and we take it completely for granted.

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How can SEO for Growth benefit your business?

Every business needs a website. There are still a high proportion of small business owners who resist getting a site. Some feel that it’s an expensive luxury or that it just isn’t necessary – the have a Facebook page!

However – you are only ever a guest in Facebook’s world – for as long as they choose to allow you to remain. Every week thousands of small businesses are banned from Facebook for minor infringements of their rules – rules that most people are not aware of. You never own your Facebook page or profile – so if they decide to take it away – there’s nothing you can do. If you build a big business with a substantial following on your Facebook business page – and you fail to build an email list away from FB – you could loose everything overnight. Most businesses don’t realise that.

If  you have your own website and you get SEO for Growth Рyou will get found in the search engines. If you work with me, that will happen fast Рoften within days. Our intention with SEO for Growth is to bring your business profitable results within two weeks of starting a campaign. Unlike our competitors, we are happy to guarantee our services and our results.

SEO for Growth will get you on page 1 of the search results, faster than any other provider.

We use a combination of white hat methods, including schema, on-page optimisation and link building to propel your site to page 1. Others will tell you that it will take them 3-6 months to see results. We can get measurable results on only two weeks.

Content is the cornerstone of a solid, reliable SEO strategy. There are thousands of small business websites in Ireland alone that don’t contain any content. Without content and the appropriate tagging and coding – Google has no idea of what your website is about and that makes it difficult for them to get customers from the web – other than using adwords.

SEO for growth guarantees the marketing health of the business for the long term .