Getting business from the web

Getting business from the web…. Getting business from the web… Easier said than done, right? You just need the Google Fairy Godmother to wave her wand over your site for it to get to page 1, or some £99 a month SEO guy who calls on the phone – and all your problems will disappear. … Read more

Why You Need a Website

Why You Need a Website What, No Website? Here’s why you need a website. It’s really surprising just how many businesses don’t have a website in 2017.. I’ve been doing a little bit of research on this over the past 2 months. I’m just really interested in finding out why that’s the case. Having spoken … Read more

Why Your Website Does Not Sell

Why Your Website Does Not Sell For You! Have you ever felt that your website was a waste of money? We’re you told by the web designer that it would bring a flood of new business for you? If your website has fallen shrt of your expectations, here’s why your website does not sell. The main … Read more

Pay per Click advertising work?

Does Pay Per click advertising still work? A few weeks ago, I was giving a talk to a business group and against better judgement, got into a bit of an arguement. Basically, someone had asked what the best way to generate online leads for estate agents is, my response was to:1) Create a free piece … Read more