Why You Need a Website

Why You Need a Website What, No Website? Here’s why you need a website. It’s really surprising just how many businesses don’t have a website in 2017.. I’ve been doing a little bit of research on this over the past 2 months. I’m just really interested in finding out why that’s the case. Having spoken … Read moreWhy You Need a Website

Why Your Website Does Not Sell

Why Your Website Does Not Sell For You! Have you ever felt that your website was a waste of money? We’re you told by the web designer that it would bring a flood of new business for you? If your website has fallen shrt of your expectations, here’s why your website does not sell. The main … Read moreWhy Your Website Does Not Sell

Pay per Click advertising work?

Does Pay Per click advertising still work? A few weeks ago, I was giving a talk to a business group and against better judgement, got into a bit of an arguement. Basically, someone had asked what the best way to generate online leads for estate agents is, my response was to:1) Create a free piece … Read morePay per Click advertising work?

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