What? No Website?

Why don't you have a website?

It's amazing that in 2017 there are still thousands of small businesses in Ireland (north and south) that don't have a website. Why is that?

20 years ago, if we were looking for a new service provider (e.g. painter, plumber, electrician, florist), we'd take out the trusty yellow/golden pages and let our fingers do the walking. Those days are gone. I know in our house, the new phone book makes the short journey from the gate to the recycling bin.

I don't thing the yellow pages even run the TV adverts any more either. They can't avoid the fact that hardly anyone uses the phone book anymore - yet they still sell advertising space to unsuspecting businesses....

So if we don't use the phone books to find businesses anymore, where do we go to look for them?? No prizes for shouting the right answer - "Google". Not only is google the biggest search engine in the world (over 70% of searches worldwide are carried out on Google) - but the very act of searching online is just known as googling! Remember when vacuums were called Hoovers - even though Hoover was just the brand name?

So being found on Google is the way forward, right? Even my 70 year old father turns to Google if he's looking for something, and he's only had a PC for the past 2-3 years. That should tell you something!

​Then the next logical thought should be, how does my business get found on Google? Well the most important part and the absolute starting point is having a website. You have zero chance of ever being found on Google, or any other search engine if you don't have a website.

I've spoken to several business owners who tell me that they have a facebook page, and that will get them found. No it won't. Facebook pages are not indexed in Google or any search engine. Only websites​ are indexed, and just because your site is indexed, doesn't mean you'll be found easily. I'll write another article soon on what you need to have to be found and link to it here.

That last statement is almost a justification ​for those who think having a site is a waste of time and money. The fact that just having a site doesn't guarantee that it's found.

Well here's my counter argument. ​Your add in the golden pages won't be found either when the book goes straight to the bin! Or the beautiful brochures that you had printed, don't get looked at when they're in a box in your office. You have to get you brochure in the hands of the people who are interested in your services (or products). 

And the same goes for your website. You have to do some work​ (or have someone do it for you) to get your website in front of the eyes of the people who need what you offer.

So why don't you have a website? You think it's a waste of money? Definitely not. It's a 24x7 sales person​ who could easily double your business in the next 12 months - if it's done right. 

Don't waste your money on a bad site - or one that has no hope of ever seeing the light of day (like those brochures you've had under your desk). Here's a few things to avoid. The free or £1 websites that you see advertised on TV​. What do you really expect to get for a £1?? Sites built on 'Wix' or 'Weebly'. These are two systems that you can use to "churn out" a quick and simple site on a template. It will probably look ok, but it will never be found on Google. These are the type of sites that you can usually buy for between €300 and €600. Just think shiny brochure under the desk again!

What you do want to look for is a site that is built on a content management system. WordPress is excellent - though a little bit complicated to use for someone looking to build their own site. If you had 3-4 weeks of idle time on your hands, and you spend 40 hours a week on it, you could probably end up with a half functional site - if you tried. but why would you? Do you cut your own hair to save money? Or would you do your own dentistry?​

If you would like to learn more about what a great, lead generation website should have, drop me a line at Adrian@Leading-Results.com or fill out the form below and I'll send you a 12-page guide on how to get more business from your website.

Cheers for now Chat soon.​