Can You Get Customers from FaceBook?

3 Ways to Get Customers From Facebook

Can you get customers from Facebook?

Indeed you can, and here are a 3 ways of doing it.

The old way - and least effective way is to set up a page for your business. You've seen this lots of times. It's really popular with beauticians and hairdressers. The post a few pictures of their latest client. Tag the client in the post and the clients friends and family will "Like" and share the post because of the person that has been tagged.

This works well for hairdressers and beauticians, because they generally have the same clients coming back to them again and again. They might pick up a new customer because the post has been seen.

This is the least effective means, for a couple of reasons.

Here's the main reason.
When you post anything organically, it's only seen by about 10% of your friends in their Facebook newsfeed.

Why only 10% - because Facebook is a business and they don't want to give away free advertising. The visibility is much lower when it's a post on a business page. FB wants you to pay to advertise - after all they need to make money from this!

The second way - slightly more effective.

When you create a post on a business page - you'll be offered the ability to "Boost this Post". This means that by paying, you can extend the reach of your post - more people will see it.

You can select the location of the people that you want to see the post.

It's better than organic posts, but only just. You can't see who is seeing your posts, the demographic data or any helpful information that will guide you to improve.

On the plus side - it's easy to use. On the minus side - it's easy to use - and loose money on fast. I'd say it's on a par with Adwords - dangerously easy. You can spend a lot of money on ir really fast and get no results if you're not sure where you're going...

The third and best way is Paid FaceBook advertising.

So what is this?
If you've noticed the posts in your facebook newsfeed - that have the word "Sponsored" in the top left corner - they are the paid ads.

Why are they so good?
We can place those adverts in front of the people who are most likely to be interested in them.
I'll try to explain this better....

Imagine for a minute that you own a gym.
the old way of advertising a gym was to place an advert in the local newspaper and hope that enough local people, who are interested in fitness will see the advert and respond.

With FaceBook ads, we can place the ad for the gym, in front of local people, who have shown an interest in fitness and health, and we make it easy for them to respond to the ad right away.

The really big benefit is that we can place the ads ONLY infront of people who may be interested - and we only pay for it when someone clicks on our ad. That's why it is known as pay-per-click advertising.

Nice. Huh?