Facebook lead generation to get new customers

How to get new customers using Facebook lead generation

Every business needs a regular flow of new enquiries to keep the wheels turning. Facebook lead generation is one way of generating those enquiries, but is it gonna work for you?

Let's start by making sure everyone understands what Lead Generation is... It's simply attracting people toward your business (in this case online) who have some level of interest in your product or service.

It's important to note that in Lead Generation, you are not trying to sell them anything. You only want them to "raise their hand" and show interest. 
Lead generation can be done by offering something that is of interest - like helpful information, a free guide, a checklist, a free trial or sample, a free consultation, etc.

This lead generation is intended to provide something that is of interest, in exchange for their contact details - such as name and number or email. Once you have gotten their attention, and some level of interest - and collected their contact details - you should now follow up.

In days gone by, when businesses advertised in the newspapers, most would place what's known as "brand" adverts. Basically their name, logo, description of their product, how long they've been in business, and their contact details.

The really sharp advertisers used a method of advertising which attracts a response. They'd use smaller, cheaper, lead generation adverts to get the attention of those most interested. Then they'd follow up with the people who provided their contact details.

You might think that there's no real difference here? They are both advertising - right?
Well the lead generation adverts only cost a fraction of the cost to run. Which means they can afford to run the ads in several different papers, and run them continuously. Aaaand... the follow up could be a 12 page booklet or a 200 page book, video tape, audio cassette - whichever they chose to do. The guys running the brand adverts were hoping that their logos would do the trick.

Here's another big advantage to lead generation. It gives you to opportunity to follow up. And you can follow up again and again, giving you a much higher chance of making the sale.

I hope by now, you see the difference between the lead generation advertising and the brand adverts?

So what has this to do with Facebook? Well Facebook advertising can be run with the same principles as the old lead generation adverts. You can attract attention from people who may be interested in what you offer, and it creates the opportunities for you to follow up.

That's a short and sweet description of how lead generation advertisng could help your business. In practice, it ain't just that straight-forward. There's a lot of levers to pull and buttons to push in the background to make it work. 

Ideally you would have the facebook advertising integrated with your website and with a CRM system (customer relationship management).

That might sound a bit complicated and scary to you? Okay - so it is a little complex to set up and get working together right - but once it's working - it works away in the background all alone. It's like a 24 hour, 7 day-a-week sales person. 

For all that this system may take some thinking, planning and work to implement, it will make your life in business much simpler, and save you a lot of time and effort.

If you're interested in finding out if and how something like this could work in your business, please feel free to go to the home page and fill out the form for a free consultation and chat.

Please note that this system will not work for every business. It will for work for most, but some are more difficult than others and may not be suitable.

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