The reason businesses fail

The main reason businesses fail

​What's the main reason businesses fail?

You've heard that two out of five new businesses started will fail within the first 3 years? And apparently 4 of every 5 don't make it to the 10 year mark...

Those numbers are hardly encouraging for anyone thinking of starting a business.

Do you know what's the main reason businesses fail - specifically small business?

Not running out of cash - that's just a symptom.
The biggest cause of failure is not getting enough customers.
And the reason they don't get enough customers is because they don't get get enough enquiries.

And the reason there isn't enough enquiries is because they don't do marketing - either not enough, not at all, or just do it badly!

But that's not their fault... Nope.

Everyone starting a new business is told a load of tales about having a great product, and doing good work, having a low price (being competitive), borrowing enough money, etc.

No-one telly you how important it is to know how to do marketing or sales.

Both are really important for the survival and growth of any business.

Marketing is everything that you do to make the phone ring with new enquiries. Selling is what you do when you get those enquiries on the phone.

Most small businesses don't have a process or a system for either marketing or selling - they just wing it and hop for the best.

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