Facebook lead generation to get new customers

How to get new customers using Facebook lead generation Every business needs a regular flow of new enquiries to keep the wheels turning. Facebook lead generation is one way of generating those enquiries, but is it gonna work for you? Let’s start by making sure everyone understands what Lead Generation is… It’s simply attracting people toward … Read more

The reason businesses fail

The main reason businesses fail ​What’s the main reason businesses fail? You’ve heard that two out of five new businesses started will fail within the first 3 years? And apparently 4 of every 5 don’t make it to the 10 year mark… Those numbers are hardly encouraging for anyone thinking of starting a business. Do you know what’s … Read more

Newspaper ads versus FB ads – whats better?

Old fashioned advertising, just updated! Lots of business owners don’t like the idea of online advertising – for various reasons… The first reason being is that many people don’t understand how advertising on the internet works. Yes – you probably know a bit about searching for a product or service on Google. But most don’t know the … Read more

Can You Get Customers from FaceBook?

3 Ways to Get Customers From Facebook Can you get customers from Facebook? Indeed you can, and here are a 3 ways of doing it. The old way – and least effective way is to set up a page for your business. You’ve seen this lots of times. It’s really popular with beauticians and hairdressers. The post … Read more

Will January be slow for business?

Will January be slow for business? Is January going to be a quiet month for your business?It doesn’t have to be.Retail will have a busy month – helped along by the January sales. But the retailers do well on the full price items too in January – not only the sale discounted items.Car sales will … Read more