Why Your Website Does Not Sell

Why Your Website Does Not Sell For You! Have you ever felt that your website was a waste of money? We’re you told by the web designer that it would bring a flood of new business for you? If your website has fallen shrt of your expectations, here’s why your website does not sell. The main … Read moreWhy Your Website Does Not Sell

What? No Website?

Why don’t you have a website? It’s amazing that in 2017 there are still thousands of small businesses in Ireland (north and south) that don’t have a website. Why is that? 20 years ago, if we were looking for a new service provider (e.g. painter, plumber, electrician, florist), we’d take out the trusty yellow/golden pages and … Read moreWhat? No Website?

Facebook lead generation to get new customers

How to get new customers using Facebook lead generation Every business needs a regular flow of new enquiries to keep the wheels turning. Facebook lead generation is one way of generating those enquiries, but is it gonna work for you? Let’s start by making sure everyone understands what Lead Generation is… It’s simply attracting people toward … Read moreFacebook lead generation to get new customers

Newspaper ads versus FB ads – whats better?

Old fashioned advertising, just updated! Lots of business owners don’t like the idea of online advertising – for various reasons… The first reason being is that many people don’t understand how advertising on the internet works. Yes – you probably know a bit about searching for a product or service on Google. But most don’t know the … Read moreNewspaper ads versus FB ads – whats better?

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